Box of Safety Razor Blade Refills - 100pk
Lapanda Safety Razor Blade Refills

Safety Razor Blade Refills - 100pk


Save the planet and your skin.

See ya ingrown hairs and nasty razor burn!
Enjoy a close, effortless shave without the plastic waste and irritation. These super sharp, stainless steel razor blades have been specifically chosen to get the best results from your Lapanda Safety Razor.
At a fraction of the cost of modern multi-blade cartridge heads, you'll not only be doing our planet a favour but your wallet one too! This pack of 100 razor blades will last you several years and are 100% recyclable. 
Smooth skin, happy planet. It's a win, win!
> 100 x Safety Razor Blades
> Stainless Steel
> Doubled-Edged
> 100% Recyclable