Our Story


Hey there!

Matt here and I'm the founder of Lapanda.

I’m also a firm believer that the world doesn’t need more plastic, nor does it need more products. What it does need are sustainable alternatives and better solutions that lighten the load on Mother Nature.

From an early age, I was always an avid lover of nature and the outdoors, spending most of my days in the backyard of our small family home in north-west Sydney. I’d spend the most part of my summer holidays playing soccer, chasing our family dog ‘Coco’ and studying the birds in our huge outdoor aviary (yep, true story). As I progressed through my senior high school years and later, university, my fascination for the environment and sustainability continued to grow.

As a soon-to-be graduate in the summer of 2019, I stood on a near empty beach in Thailand after 2 incredible weeks of sunshine, good vibes and AMAZING street food. Among the trinkets and memories of a fulfilling adventure came the overwhelming realisation of how enormous and global the issue of plastic pollution had become. From the east coast of Australia, the South Pacific and now piled on the beaches of Southeast Asia, my travels had consistently put me in the path of plastic.
So as a young, aspiring eco entrepreneur, I knuckled down and did my research. As the plastic pandemic continued to threaten, so too did my urge to do something about it. Back at home, I looked closely at the products I used every day and set about finding sustainable alternatives. Searching far and wide, I struggled to find eco-friendly reusables that were stylish, affordable and that weren’t packaged in plastic!
Inspired by the opportunity to reduce waste and lighten the load on our planet, I created the eco-conscious brand Lapanda. Our mission is pretty clear and simple — to un-plastic the world! We’re on a quest to replace everyday plastic products with beautifully designed, earth-friendly alternatives. We believe that living a low waste lifestyle shouldn’t be difficult. We also believe that small change for the planet is better than no change. That’s why our gorgeous, eco-friendly range is full of easy eco swaps to help you along the way!
We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but when it comes to sustainability, we go 0 to 100 real quick. While other brands talk the talk, we walk the walk. Our products are delivered carbon neutral in plastic-free, compostable packaging. We also donate 1% of our annual revenue to environmental nonprofits creating a more sustainable world for current and future generations.

We are constantly evolving, innovating and looking for new and exciting eco products to share with our tribe. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter for all the latest news, sustainability tips and exclusive offers! While we don’t all agree that chocolate belongs in the fridge or that pineapple belongs on pizza, we do agree that our planet deserves a whole lot better... So what are you waiting for?

Un-plastic the world with Lapanda.
Lapanda Founder