What We're Doing 

At Lapanda, we believe all businesses have a social responsibility to operate as eco-friendly as possible. Despite our playful vibe, when it comes to sustainability, our mission and commitment is very serious. That is why we're proud supporters of the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), where 1% of our annual revenue will be donated directly to protect our precious ocean wildlife.
All contributions go directly to AMCS environmental appeals aimed at reducing toxic plastic pollution, protecting threatened and endangered species and safeguarding the future of Australia's oceans and marine wildlife. We help support these environmental campaigns and initiatives so that collectively, we can be a more powerful force in protecting our coasts and oceans for current and future generations.
Through our support of the AMCS, our charity initiative allows us to tackle some of the biggest environmental issues facing the planet today. We are committed to supporting environmental sustainability and we hope our work inspires individuals and other businesses to take greater responsibility in reducing their environmental footprint.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) 

In 1965, Eddie Hegerl and a group of marine scientists and ocean conservationists from the University of Queensland and the CSIRO founded the AMCS — a national conservation group dedicated solely to protecting Australia's oceans and marine wildlife. Their mission is to create a better, cleaner future for our planet and our oceans.

For over 50 years, the AMCS has defended Australia's precious coastline, providing critical support and funding for conservation efforts to keep our oceans healthy. Since their inception, the AMCS has protected critical ocean ecosystems with marine reserves around the nation, including the Great Barrier Reef. They have led the anti-whaling movement, stopped supertrawlers and protected threatened and endangered species such as the Australian Sea Lion from toxic plastic pollution.   


How You Can Help 

When you purchase any product from the Lapanda store, you are actively supporting the AMCS and global sustainability! Help us protect Aussie oceans and marine life by sharing our mission with family, friends, colleagues or anyone else willing to listen! For more information about the AMCS, you can visit their website or drop us a line at — we'd be happy to answer any of your questions.


* Lapanda is independent of and not endorsed or sponsored by the Australian Marine Conservation Society.